Via de Cristo Retreat

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We encourage all adult members of the St. Philip community to consider attending a Via de Cristo weekend.

What is a Via de Cristo? To quote the Eastern North Carolina Via de Cristo website, “VIA de CRISTO is a Spanish phrase meaning ‘Way of Christ.’ Via de Cristo is a highly structured three day weekend designed to strengthen and renew the faith of Christian people and bring them to a new awareness of living in God’s grace. It is a combined effort of lay people and clergy toward renewal of the church.”

That is the fancy definition. For many, it is a three day retreat where one is fortunate enough to witness a tremendous amount of grace, love and hope. The impact of this weekend reaches far beyond the Sunday evenings on which it ends. Via de Cristo connects people. It helps us embrace each other. It reminds us what is important: walking with Christ. For more information about Via de Cristo or upcoming weekends contact Heather Kindl at Please note that attendees will be gone from Thursday around 4p.m. through Sunday evening, around 6:30 p.m.