Memorial Garden & Columbarium

St. Philip Lutheran Church serves its congregation as a place of great faith, a place of quiet reflection, and a gathering place for celebrations.  A Memorial Garden and Columbarium has been constructed to provide a place for reverent inurnment, interment, or scattering of the cremated remains of church members and their immediate families.  Permanently engraved niches are being installed and are available for reservation by members of St. Philip Lutheran Church.  Members may also reserve a space in the memorial garden for burial or scattering of ashes.

In addition, members may purchase special plaques to memorialized loved ones interred elsewhere.  These plaques will be displayed on a separate wall and be designed to match the engraved faceplates of the niches.

A memorial book will be maintained and kept in the church.  Basic biographical data of all who are inurned, interred, scattered, or memorialized in the St. Philip Memorial Garden will be listed in this book.

The garden is located to the right of the church sanctuary, with a path leading form the church door to the garden.  The garden will be accessible form the sanctuary and there is an outside entrance for visitation when the church is closed.

If you are interested in the St. Philip Memorial Garden, please contact Mary Ellen Wrisley 844-6415 or Martha Bouknight at 782-0584.

For information on the ELCA’s position on cremation please visit