Bible Study

The Bible is the focus of our study on many levels, in several places.  You’ll find Bible studies in Sunday School classes, in women’s groups, and other occasional groups.  Some of these studies are devotionally oriented, using readings to lead to discussions of faith and God’s place in our lives.  Other studies are more technically oriented, seeking to probe the historical, literary, and cultural context of the text, examine questions of translation and textual difficulties, then discover how the text speaks to our current situation.

The Kerygma Program

Kerygma-Label-300x127St. Philip offers Bible study classes based on the Kerygma Program.These classes include overviews of the Old Testament and the New Testament, as well as detailed studies of individual books of the Bible.

Founded in 1977 with one course of study, The Kerygma Program’s quality resources continue stimulating faith and challenging minds. The goals of the Kerygma Program include:

  •     Learning the basics and complexities of the Bible

  •     Developing skills for interpreting Scripture

  •     Applying learning from the Bible to personal and corporate life in today’s world

The success of the Kerygma approach to adult Bible study is best explained by the enthusiastic classes which make the Bible relevant, promoting Christian growth through interaction with each other.

A Leader’s Guide is used to create opportunities that stimulate discussion and illuminate the Biblical material through small group encounters.

For more information, visit the Kerygma website.



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