Bible Study


The Bible is the focus of our study on many levels, in several places.  You’ll find Bible studies in Sunday School classes, in women’s groups, and other occasional groups.  Some of these studies are devotionally oriented, using readings to lead to discussions of faith and God’s place in our lives.  Other studies are more technically oriented, seeking to probe the historical, literary, and cultural context of the text, examine questions of translation and textual difficulties, then discover how the text speaks to our current situation.

Wednesday Night Live!

We gather weekly @ 6:30 —virtually on Zoom—to share our thoughts on Pastor Tim’s sermon & scriptures from the previous Sunday.  A study guide is posted on the St Philip website prior to the Sunday worship that will enable you to prepare and discern more fully how God’s word is speaking to you.

We discuss the questions from the study guide, the sermon, and the Bible texts. It is a great opportunity to share your insights with a small group and listen to one another, deepen relationships and friendships, and explore how God’s word is active in our lives. The study guide can be downloaded, along with the bulletin, from the St Philip website.

If you miss the services at 9 or 11:00 am, don’t forget that the sermon is recorded and will be posted on the website Monday afternoon so that you can listen at your leisure.

Everyone is encouraged and welcome to join in!

Click here for Zoom link & Study Guide