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Church Council

The Congregation Council, which consists of the pastor(s) and 13 voting members of the congregation (12 of legal age and one senior high school student who need not be of legal age), has general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation with a focus on ensuring activities of the church are done in accordance with the Word of God and the faith and practice of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

2019 Church Officers & Congregational Council:

Office Name EMail
President Don Helmey
Vice President Mike Davis
Youth Representative Grace Kindl

Name EMail
Mark Andrews
Sandy Glass
Dawn Kanupp
Mike Maness
Crystal Ridenhour
Ed Seames
John Sullivan
Mark Tarquino
Betty Wahlstrom
Carol Williams

Appointed by the Congregational Council(Non-voting office):

Office Name EMail
Secretary Louise Bouknight
Treasurer Liese Faircloth
Financial Secretary Sue Kearney

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