Mixed Softball

St. Philip fields a team in the North Raleigh Men’s Softball Mixed Softball League, which is run by Bay Leaf Baptist Church. The softball team serves as a wonderful means of fellowship and fun during the summer.

We play once or twice a week during the season, including a single-elimination tournament. All persons of at least 14 years of age are welcome to play.

For more information about the league or St. Philip’s team, contact Mike Davis.

2021 Schedule

2021 North Raleigh Softball Schedule
*Games start at 6:30*
Date Away   Home Venue
3-May Nativity vs. St. Philip Bay Leaf
4-May NRPR vs. Asbury Bay Leaf
6-May Friendship vs. Bay Leaf Bay Leaf
10-May NRPR vs. Friendship Bay Leaf
11-May Bay Leaf vs. Asbury Bay Leaf
13-May St. Philip vs. Mount Vernon Bay Leaf
17-May NRPR vs.  Mount Vernon Bay Leaf
18-May Bayleaf vs. Nativity Bay Leaf
20-May Friendship vs. Asbury Bay Leaf
24-May St. Philip vs. NRPR Bay Leaf
25-May Mount Vernon vs. Friendship Bay Leaf
27-May Nativity vs. Asbury Bay Leaf
31-May HOLIDAY  
1-Jun Make Ups     Bay Leaf
3-Jun Make Ups     Bay Leaf
7-Jun Bayleaf vs. St Philip Bay Leaf
8-Jun Nativity vs. Friendship Bay Leaf
10-Jun Asbury vs. Mount Vernon Bay Leaf
14-Jun Mount Vernon vs. Bayleaf Bay Leaf
15-Jun St. Philip vs. Asbury Bay Leaf
17-Jun NRPR vs. Nativity Bay Leaf
21-Jun NRPR vs. Bayleaf Bay Leaf
22-Jun Friendship vs. St Philip Bay Leaf
24-Jun Mount Vernon vs. Nativity Bay Leaf
28-Jun Make Ups vs.   Bay Leaf
29-Jun Make Ups vs.  
Bay Leaf
1-Jul Make Ups vs.   Bay Leaf
6-Jul Make Ups vs.   Bay Leaf
7-Jul Make Ups vs.   Bay Leaf
*The home team is determined by the better seeded team*  
Date Away   Home Venue
12-Jul Seed 7 vs. Seed 2 Bay Leaf
13-Jul Seed 6 vs. Seed 3 Bay Leaf
15-Jul Seed 5 vs. Seed 4 Bay Leaf
19-Jul Lowest Remaining Seed vs. Seed 1 Bay Leaf
20-Jul Third Highest Seed vs. 2nd Highest Seed Bay Leaf
22-Jul Lowest Seed vs Highest Seed Bay Leaf
26-Jul Playoff Make Ups vs.   Bay Leaf
27-Jul Playoff Make Ups vs.   Bay Leaf
29-Jul Playoff Make Ups vs.  

Bay Leaf

Friendship Baptist Church is located at 5510 Falls of Neuse Road

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