SPOT Light

St Philip Outreach Team

Please check these ministries out- get involved, make a difference!  Below is a brief summary of those key outreach ministries.

SPOT is currently concentrating on:

  • FamiliesTogetherFamilies Together provides housing and comprehensive services for homeless families in Wake County, including assessment, short-term transitional housing with intensive support services, permanent housing placement, and after case management. For more information, visit the Families Together website or contact Kathy Blum.

  • Habitat/ Lutheran Coalition. One of our focus ministries at St. Philip is Wake County Habitat for Humanity. In 2016 we are worked collaboratively with 10 other Wake County Lutheran Church – The Lutheran Coalition – on an amazing project – Building Independence.  For more about this ministry, click here.

  • Assisted Living Home Partnership. This is a new startup ministry at St. Philip.  We are adopting a local assisted living facility which needs the gifts we offer to the residents: Love, listening, worship services, singing, playing board games, and more.  The leader of this new ministry is Kenny Beck.  To contact her click here.

  • BBM - SqaureBrown Bag Ministry.   Expand this ministry which provide to those marginalized; food, water, clothing, shelter, and friendship, to counsel them on becoming independent, and to be vocal advocates for those who do not have a voice. For more information click here.