Outreach Ministries – SPOT

St Philip Outreach Team - SPOTSPOT – St Philip Outreach Team

We recently re-formed and re-named our Outreach Ministry.  We are focusing on specific ministries for St Philip.

SPOT Mission Statement:

To be the advocate for and partner with “the least of these” (Matt. 25:31-26).

The mission of the St. Philip Outreach Team (SPOT) is to:

  • hold the congregational vision for what ministries are supported for outreach

  • act as an umbrella group supporting each outreach ministry and coordinating the use of congregational assets for all outreach ministry

  • be the conduit for bidirectional communication between church council and outreach committees

SPOT Committee Goals

  • develop a long-term and a short-term educational plan to create a culture of outreach in the congregation

  • understand needs of the each central outreach team (e.g., money, people, etc.)

  • build a calendar of outreach events from each central outreach team’s needs