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Faith & FellowshipGood question.

Don’t all great discussions start with a really good question. That’s how we view your questions about faith, God, the Bible, spirituality, and the like in the Faith & Fellowship class.

Some places may shy away from tough questions or require you to accept a certain doctrine or dogma before participating in their community. If everyone thought exactly alike, we certainly wouldn’t learn much.

The root of the word “question” is “quest,” which is why we consider questions an integral part of an individual’s faith journey. Test, challenge, explore, seek and in the process you will find. Be open to the discussion and share your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions as we delve into different topics through video studies, contemporary book studies, thematic explorations and always lots of discussion.

If you want to learn more before stopping by, drop us a line and we’d be glad to follow up with you. Otherwise, we hope to see you on Sunday.

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