Youth Groups

We are about the business of Building the BODY!!

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Junior Youth Group (K-5th Grades)

Children need to know that church can be a fun and safe place. Throughout the year, St. Philip offers a place where elementary students can come together for fellowship, devotions, and service. Youth in grades K-5th enjoy service projects, lock ins, Safari Days at Camp Agape, weekend and summer camps and so much more.




Middle School & High School Youth GroupsStPhilipLutheranChur#9C3E09

Our Middle School and High School youth groups meet every Wednesday night from 6:30 to 7:45 p.m. during GROW. Youth group time includes music, fellowship, learning, and service. Laughter and relationship building are integral to our time together! In addition to our weekly youth group meetings we also enjoy occasional lock ins or evenings out as well as mission trips or Synod wide retreats.

The Youth Ministry Team builds the Body of Christ by providing a safe environment for faith, leadership, and relationship formation that reaches past the youth to their families, friends and the community.

                                    Rally Call:  Be a Body Builder!!

The middle and high school youth groups meet following the meal at GROW each week The youth are invited to join us downstairs at 6:30 for gathering music.  They are more than welcome to bring their instruments and join in!  Middle and high school youth group programming will begin at 6:45 and we will do our best to finish up on time at 7:45.


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