Confirmation at St. Philip…What’s the Deal?

Everybody knows that they must go through confirmation as a youth, right?  Folks swap stories about their experiences, some can’t remember, some loved it, some loathed it, but it’s a part of most Lutherans’ history.  So what’s the deal with confirmation?  Why do we do it?

There are some obvious answers such as learning the 10 Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostle’s Creed.  But there are other reasons that run a little deeper.  Confirmation offers our youth a chance to learn about those things in a safe environment where they may question, doubt, wonder, debate and so on.

Our goals here at St. Philip for our confirmands are to:

  • Navigate the youth as they figure out and articulate what exactly it is that they believe individually and why, as they learn about the 10 Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer and the Apostle’s Creed through a Lutheran lens.

  • Figure out how all of this fits into their daily lives; how it’s all applicable to them today.

  • Model and practice defending one’s faith respectfully and without belittling another’s.

  • Envelope the youth into the fabric of our congregation helping them to see their extreme value in this Body of Christ.

  • Walk alongside the youth as they start to name their spiritual gifts and explore how they can use those gifts to build the Body.

  • Encourage the youth that their faith walk does not end with confirmation but continues on forever!

I invite you all to walk alongside our youth as they learn about their faith and where they fit in this vast Body of Christ.  You are part of that Body and your support of our youth is invaluable.  Please, continue to ask questions, support confirmation projects, and most importantly, invite the youth into the community in any way you can!!

Confirmation (6th-8th Grades) 

Our 6th and 7th graders journey through the Old and New Testaments as well as theology covering the Lord’s Prayer, Apostle’s Creed, 10 Commandments, Baptism and Holy Communion, the church year, and Martin Luther in alternating years as part of their confirmation experience.

The confirmation program includes:

  • Confirmation Sunday School Classes

  • Service

  • Worship ParticipationScreen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.53.44 PM

  • Final Confirmation Project

  • Confirmation Camp

  • Youth Group Activity

  • Congregational Activity