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Developing a Closer Relationship with God through
Prayer, Caring Conversations, and Faith Sharing

Unbinding Your Heart

Small Groups began meeting the week of January 18.  Here are the schedules:

UYH Small Group Schedule – Mondays

UYH Small Group Schedule – Wednesdays

UYH Small Group Schedule – Thursdays

UYH Small Group Schedule – Sundays

A Unique Experience

Lent began a very unique time for our congregation. It is unique because we are actually immersing ourselves in a spiritual journey during Lent. It is unique because rather than giving up some random thing, we intentionally focus on the spiritual practices of prayer, caring conversations, and sharing our faith.

The Book

The resources we’re using is called Unbinding Your Heart by Martha Grace Reese. Martha writes that this is all about “untying the knots that keep us from living exciting lives in the Spirit. It’s about unbinding the Good News that God adores us and everyone else, that God has shown this to us through Jesus Christ” (p. 3 of Unbinding Your Heart). Every one of us needs to hear this Good News time and time again!


Prayer is an important aspect of Unbinding the Heart. Prayer is the way we stay in love with God. Prayer is the way individuals, small groups, and congregations grow and become vivid. Prayer involves effort, habit, and focus; but it results in lightness and energy and excitement. Through this study you’ll be invited to try a variety of prayer practices in hopes that you’ll discover new ways to deepen your prayer life.


To help us make room in our busy lives for this intentional time, many of the committee and other small group meetings will take a break from meeting during the season of Lent (late January – Easter Sunday). By removing these meetings and activities we’ll create the space that we need to intentionally focus on developing a closer relationship with God and each other. Be sure to check with your committee and small group leader to see how this sabbatical from meetings will impact your group. This will probably challenge us a little bit but it’ll be worth it as we nurture our relationships with each other and center our faith community life on God.

Building Up the Body of Christ

Small groups will be offered at a variety of times during the week in order to include as many people as possible. Sunday school for adults, youth, and children will incorporate a study of the concepts related to Unbinding Your Heart. Worship includes a preaching series and the hymns we sing and the music we hear will be related to this experience.


Note: We have over 100 adults and 30 children participating in this God-given program. There’s a place for you!.

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