Summer Sermon Series 2017

The BIG Questions

Let’s ponder together the BIG questions of our faith to develop a deeper understanding of what we believe and the capacity to speak about that belief to those who are curious or skeptical.

Here’s the schedule:

Wednesday on-line

Sunday Date



June 14

June 18

What about faith?

How much faith is enough?

June 21

June 25

What about God?

How do we know that God exists?

June 28

July 2

What about the Bible?

How can the bible be the literal and inerrant word of God with so many contradictions?

July 5

July 9

What about the resurrection of Jesus?

How is resurrection possible?

July 12

July 16

What about sin and forgiveness?

Are there sins that God won’t forgive?

July 19

July 23

What about being born again?

Do I have to accept Jesus before God loves me?

July 26

July 30

What about living as a Christian?

Why does how I live my life matter?

Aug 2

Aug 6

What about suffering?

Why does God allow suffering and evil?

Aug 9

Aug 13

What about when I die?

Is there really a heaven and a hell?

Aug 16

Aug 20

What about prayer?

Why doesn’t God answer my prayer?

Aug 23

Aug 27

What about the church?

Why should I belong to a church, especially when they are filled with so many hypocrites?

Aug 30

Sept. 3

What about other religions?

Is Jesus the only way?


In addition to Sunday’s worship and sermon, there will be several opportunities for you to engage with these topics and questions:

You’re invited to Go Deeper through conversation with others Every Sunday, beginning on June 18, at 10:10 a.m. For some, it will be after the sermon while for others it will be before the sermon. This will provide a rich experience of dialog and faith sharing as we ponder together.

Join the preacher online from the comfort of your home in a video conversation at 8:00 p.m. on the Wednesday before each topic will be pondered in the sermon. These 30 minute conversations will help us all prepare for Sunday’s worship and conversation.  In these conversations, you’ll be encouraged to share your own thoughts and questions while helping to shape the sermon for Sunday. Information about how to join the on-line conversation is included in this newsletter.

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