Read the Bible in 90 Days

On January 25, 2017 we will begin reading the bible from cover to cover in 90 DAYS.

Why we are doing this at St. Philip.

  • Because the Bible tells God’s story and we need to know it.
  • Because this helps us see where God is working in the lives of our faithful ancestors and our role in God’s work.
  • Because this experience builds unity within our community.

Why we will participate.

  • To get a fuller understanding of just how much God loves humanity and how far God goes to make that love known.
  • To find where you fit in God’s Story and how that relates to your daily life.
  • To be part of the exciting momentum at St. Philip.


We will begin following the reading plan on
January 25, 2017 and conclude on April 25,2017.

 DAILY — Read a section of the Bible following the specific plan.

WEEKLY — We meet to watch a video, discuss what’s been read, and encourage one another.

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