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2015 National Youth Gathering

What is the ELCA Youth Gathering?

The ELCA Youth Gathering is a ministry of the church wide organization of the ELCA for high school-aged youth and their adult leaders. For more information click here.

  • Happens every 3 years.
  • Preceded by group Bible study to prepare the youth and leaders for the work, service, and worship they will experience at the Gathering.

When is the next gathering?

  • July 15-19, 2015

Who can attend the gathering?

  • The Gathering welcomes youth entering 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades in the fall of 2015, and 2015 high school graduates.

How much does it cost?

  • The total trip cost is typically about $1200.00.
  • We try to raise $400 through fundraising activities.
  • St. Philip provides $400 to each youth.
  • The families are responsible for $400
  • The only other $$ needed is for souvenirs.

Is Detroit safe?

  •  ELCA Youth Gathering Safety and Security Planning Team
  • Providing safe walking routes.
  • Private and public security personnel at all venues utilized by Gathering participants.
  • Working with local, state and federal officials to prepare for visit.
  • Receiving t-shirts to make youth and leaders more easily identifiable.

Daily Programs

  • Gather in Ford Field to hear the day’s Scripture text
  • 3 Day Activity Rotation:  a day of service (Proclaim Justice Day), a day of exploratory                                                  learning (Proclaim Story Day), and a day of interactive learning in the Convention                                                               Center (Proclaim Community Day)
  • Community Life which takes place in various venues, including some hotels.  Community Life activities include dances, game rooms, prayer stations, and an activity called Final 15.
  • The Gathering concludes with Eucharist on Sunday morning, at which Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton will preach.

Travel & Lodging

Travel:  We will be taking a synod arranged bus to travel to Detroit. This same bus will likely serve as our transportation into and out of the city each day.

Lodging: Accommodations will be downtown and in the surrounding area. There will be 2-4 youth per room. All of our rooms will be clustered together.


  • We will eat all of our meals together as a church group. Downtown Detroit has a lot of dining options from which to choose. We will have access to grocery stores. The leaders will be packing snack foods to bring along as well.


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