Director of Music Ministries – Position Description


The Director of Music Ministries will develop, coordinate, and administer an effective and well-rounded music program for all styles of worship at St. Philip by providing leadership to those involved in the worship and music ministries of St. Philip.


  • An understanding of and commitment to Christian principles and teachings; particular understanding of Lutheran liturgy, theology, and traditions is preferred.
  • Knowledge of and a passion for liturgical worship.
  • A bachelor’s degree in music plus 3 years’ experience or equivalent.


  • Knowledge of and skill in choral techniques.
  • Competence with diverse musical styles.
  • Ability to work cooperatively in team ministry.
  • Highly effective interpersonal communication skills.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Basic knowledge of technology—including word processing, spreadsheets, social media, and e-mail—and the willingness to acquire new skills as technology advances.


  • Works under the supervision of the Senior Pastor.
  • Attends committee meetings related to worship and music.
  • Works collaboratively with the church staff, organist, and music ministry partners in planning, scheduling, and directing music ministry.
  • Establishes and maintains good communication between yourself, other staff members and parishioners.
  • Attends regular staff meetings as scheduled.
  • Supports, encourages, assists, and guides other musicians to help them fulfill their tasks to the best of their abilities. Identifies singers and musicians in the congregation.
  • Participates—and encourages members to participate —in local and synodical worship events so that members have a strong sense of connection to the larger church.


Working in collaboration with the Pastor, the director plans, coordinates, implements, and evaluates a comprehensive music program for the worship service(s) of St. Philip, to include the following:


Monitor the condition of musical instruments and communicate any needs to the pastor and chair of the Worship and Music Committee.

Maintain an adequate filing system for managing all music used by the choirs.

Schedule appropriate opportunities for choirs to participate in worship.

Prepare an annual spending plan and submit it to the pastor and chair of Worship and Music according to the established schedule.

Manage the areas of the spending plan that relate to music ministries to ensure that no item is overspent.

Prepare and submit a monthly report about things happening in music ministries to the Worship and Music Committee and the Congregation Council.

Write an annual report to the congregation of the activities of the music ministry programs for which you have responsibility.

Communicate with the congregation about music ministry through weekly and monthly announcements, articles, and the bulletin board.

Provide titles and composers of music selections to the church office according to an established schedule for inclusion in worship bulletins.

Arrange for a substitute when unable to be present at rehearsals or worship services.

Oversee the legal and ethical purchase of music and rights to reproduce musical compositions. Music purchased by the church remains the property of the church.

Program Director

Work collaboratively with the organist to plan, organize, direct rehearsals for the Traditional Sunday services and other special worship services.

Work collaboratively with the planners and worship leaders for the Crossing service to plan, organize, direct rehearsals, and serve as the music leader during worship.

Recruit individuals for choirs, ensembles, and instrumental groups and facilitate participation of all ages.

Develop a seasonal plan which allows groups to participate in worship services so that a musical offering is provided at Sunday morning traditional services and at special services in the liturgical year during the months of Sept-May.

Recruit soloists, ensembles, and instrumentalist who will provide music in worship at the traditional service during the months of June-August.

Arrange and schedule opportunities for children, youth and handbell choirs to actively participate in worship services.

Worship Planning

Select appropriate vocal music for each choir/music group that is in sync with the lectionary or focus for each worship service.

 Select music for other special services which are appropriate to the focus of the worship service.


Plan rehearsals for each choir during the months of Sept-May. Hold additional rehearsals as needed to ensure that musicians are equipped for the service.

Direct the choirs during rehearsals and worship to ensure that the members of the choirs can use their gifts in worship.

Coach soloists and small groups who will be offering music in worship to select appropriate music and ensure that they are prepared.

Be available to consult with couples who are planning their wedding at St. Philip as well as arranging musicians.

Be available to consult with families who are selecting music for funerals and memorial services as well as arranging musicians.

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