Director of Contemporary Worship & Music

Position Description
Director of Contemporary Worship & Music Ministries

The Director of Contemporary Music Ministries will lead, grow, develop, coordinate, and administer an effective and well-rounded contemporary music and worship program by providing leadership to those involved in the contemporary worship in this congregation. This position provides leadership during rehearsals and in preparation for worship. The position is a part time, salaried position expected to take about 10-12 hours per week.

· An understanding of and commitment to Christian principles and teachings; an understanding of Lutheran liturgy desirable.
· Knowledge of and a passion for contemporary worship.
· Skilled playing one of more instruments.
· Knowledge of OBS (Open Broadcast Studio) software preferred.

· Knowledge of and skill in instrumental and choral techniques.
· Ability to work with those who do not have sheet music knowledge.
· Comfortable with diverse musical styles.
· Ability to work cooperatively in team ministry.
· Highly effective interpersonal communication skills.
· Strong organizational skills.

· Establishes and maintains good communication between yourself, other staff members and congregation.
· Supports, encourages, assists, and guides other musicians.

The director plans, coordinates, implements, and evaluates a comprehensive contemporary music program, to include the following:

  1. Administrator
    a. Monitor the condition of musical instruments and tools (audio and video) used in the contemporary service and communicate needs to the chair of the Worship and Music Committee and Contemporary Worship Coordinators.
    b. Maintain an adequate filing system (primarily electronic) for contemporary music
    c. Prepare an annual spending plan for the contemporary service and submit it to the chair of Worship and Music according to the established schedule.

d. Prepare and submit a monthly report ‘describing activities in your area of responsibilities for the Worship and
Music Committee.
e. Write an annual report about the activities of the Contemporary Music
f. Assure music used in worship is appropriately obtained respecting copy rights.

  1. Program Director
    a. Recruit singers and instrumentalists for the contemporary service band and direct rehearsals.
    b. Work with worship leaders to ensure that people are in place as needed, currently done through Sign UP Genius.
    c. Work collaboratively with the Director of Traditional Music Ministries to organize, direct, and accompany youth choirs.
  2. Worship Planning
    a. Participate in worship planning with the pastor and other worship planners suggesting appropriate contemporary songs and liturgical elements.
  3. Musician
    a. Direct and accompany the band.
    b. Be available to consult with those requesting contemporary music at weddings and funerals.

Apply by sending your resume and cover letter to: