2018 Habitat Project

2018 Lutheran Coalition Habitat Project

NEWS (May 15, 2018):I am pleased to report that the slab is scheduled to be poured today on the Lutheran Coalition home. As such, we will be standing walls this weekend. If any people can join us on Friday, you are welcome. Have fun Christ the King on Saturday.  The following Saturday is Memorial Day weekend where we are asking each church to send 2-3 people who are in town that weekend. Please encourage this opportunity in your church. We also need a lunch provider that Saturday. If you can provide lunch on May 26, please let Caroline or me know. We also need churches to claim June 16 and 23 for volunteers and lunches.  T– Rick Beech,VP, Faith Relations
Information regarding the build including schedule and photographs can be found at the link below.

Volunteers are needed for all weekends provided there are slots available. Saturday June 2nd is a special weekend for St Philip. Grace Lutheran and St Philip will volunteer as a group.

Please  register early using the sign-up link above Unfilled volunteer positions will open to the public 3 weeks before the event.  If you have any issues registering, please contact Caroline Del Do at caroline.deldo@habitatwake.org.

Location: 993 Skinner Drive, Raleigh, NC
Sign up:

993 Skinner Drive is not ready to stand walls this weekend Saturday 21.  Volunteers (10 – 15) are needed on May 26, up to 15 volunteers on June 16 and up to 10 volunteers on June 23.

If you have trouble signing up at the link above then send an email to Mark Glass mark.glass@gmail.com 

or caroline.deldo@habitatwake.org  or

call the church office (919) 846-2992.

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