Sunday Mornings at St Philip

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St. Philip offers a traditional worship service and a contemporary worship service to allow people to praise God in different ways.
The traditional services are every Sunday at 8:00 am & 11:15 am.
The contemporary service is every Sunday at 9:10a.m.  For more on the contemporary service – Click Here.

Sunday Morning – June 5

(in 4 days)

8:00 Traditional Worship
9:10 Contemporary Worship
10:20 Sunday School
11:15 Traditional Worship

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Traditional Services

Traditional Service in the Sanctuary

Sundays: 8:00am & 11:15am

Where: Sanctuary


In worship at St. Philip, we offer ourselves to God in prayer, praise and thanksgiving. We use as many gifts and resources as we possibly can to bring honor and glory to our Lord.

We follow the liturgical tradition of the Lutheran Church, enhancing the services with choirs, brass, hand bells, solos, organ, guitars, piano, and other varied musical offerings as the service of the day indicates. The Children’s, and Young Disciples youth choirs participate on a regular basis. The adult choir adds leadership and anthems to our vocal praise.

Lay people as well as ordained pastors lead worship. Our lay assistants, both men and women, range from teenagers to older adults. Children occasionally help lead the service, carrying out roles appropriate to their ages. A children’s sermon is included weekly during services. A nursery is always available during services for children four and under who struggle to be present for the whole service.

We design our weekly bulletins to include the whole order of service so visitors can come in and worship the first time they attend worship. The bulletins also contain our current prayer list and the announcements and activities of the week.


Contemporary Service: The Crossing

Contemporary Worship at St PhilipSundays: 9:10am

Where: Kepley Hall


St. Philip’s contemporary worship service is called The Crossing because it bridges music, worship and life.

The worship service is held in Kepley Hall in a less formal setting, and people are welcome to come “as they are” to join in the music-based worship service. It  is held every Sunday at 9:10am.

The service typically is led by a lay worship leader and features a host of musicians (guitar, drums, keyboard, singers, etc.) singing more contemporary praise and worship songs. Lyrics for songs and other elements of the service are projected on a screen for others to easily follow.

The service typically includes a children’s sermon, a message from the worship leader or pastor and Holy Communion.

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